Darrien accompanied me on a cross Atlantic trip to become part of the Gernada team. The youngest of our current show crew, he has earned a Best Baby Puppy in Group, and two Best Puppy in Group wins. But the best is yet to come, he's maturing into a striking young man,
Red Rock Me Amore Hatule A-Raam
White-Ghost Sabrina
Ch. A'Vigdors Agiotage
Alka Vauvau
Ch. Flabert de la Parure
Ch. A'Vigdors Demon De
Ch Crazy Feeling Dionisio
Ch  Vicking Du Fiacre De Monparnasse
Ch  Kathie Von Glandorf
Bonaparte De Noire Beatitude
Ch  Leiboll's Soleil
Ch  Daulokke's Nordique Truffe
Ch  Black Betty Bertha
Ch  Jaclyn Von Glandorf
If you've spent much time researching pedigrees of french bulldogs we think you'll understand why he is such an important asset to our crew moving into the future. Health, longevity, it's all there
DNA tested clear
Spine/hip ex-rays on file
P/L free