If you've read carefully you'll see that Bell and Sasha are full sisters but just over a year between them. If you think you can tell them apart, you've either been paying too close of attention, or are wrong. So similar in type I called Sasha, Bell's mimi-me for quite some time
BISS Ch Miradon The Gospel Singer
Ch  Miradon Hissy Fit
Ch Leioboll's Olfert
Happy's Piroette de Soleure
Ch  Lebull's Fargo
Lebulls Samantha Dela Parure
Ch Daulokke's Yremla La Beau
Ch  Miradon Prized Possession
Lion Queen De Soleure
Ch  Tinkertimes Hotshot Shamus
Can/Am Ch Robobull Fabelhaft
Am/Can Ch  Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot
BPIS Ch  Taste Of Heaven by Gernada
Deuces Wild by Gernada